Paul Ritch

The name Paul Ritch echoes around the world. His productions and live sets, characterised by his powerful, harmonic, and deep techno with a touch of minimalism are his true signature, one that has projected him to international acclaim. Since 2007, only one year after his production debut, Paul Ritch is considered to be one of the most highly regarded artists and producers in the global electronic scene. Ritch, a prolific artist, has taken the Minimal scene like a storm both on the decks and as a producer. From his beginnings, everything he's touched has turned into musical gold. His first EP, Samba (Resopal 2006), marked the launch of an extraordinary succession of masterpiece publications followed by releases that were incredibly popular including Winter Ceremony (2007), Natural Gun (2007), and Summer Ceremony (2007) or Aquarel / Crazy Madness (SCI + TEC, 2008). In 2009 Ritch produced musical gems such as Evil Laff EP (Wagon Repair), Feeders EP (100% Pure), Carrrrramba (Various Artists EP, Vol. 1, Quartz Rec), Solarium (Drumcode), Split The Line (Quartz Rec), Canniballs EP (Quartz Rec, 2010) amongst many more.