The Martinez Brothers

If you've ever seen The Martinez Brothers spin, you know that what separates Chris and Steve Martinez from the rest of the pack isn't just their skills, but their seemingly limitless energy, not just party-rocking stamina (though they've got that too) - but an unmistakable positivity... Sure, their skills are considerable.
You don't get to play at global events such as Sonar (Barcelona), Movement (Detroit and Torino), Kazantip (Ukraine) or BPM (Mexico), nor clubs like DC10 (Ibiza), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Space terrace (Miami) or Stereo (Montreal) (where they have been know known to throw down for twelve hour marathons) without skills, skills which were honed before they were old enough to get into clubs and had to get specially signed permission in order for them to play… Watch them behind the decks, born to move they're practically climbing over each other as records flow together, one brother cueing up a track, the other EQing, the headphones passed back and forth, forearms intertwined, heads bobbing in unison. It's amazing to watch, it's even more amazing to hear; their musical style portraits a curiosity that builds bridges between New York's house music history and a globalized deep house revival. What separates them from their European counterparts? In a word, rhythm. Born in the Bronx, The Martinez Brothers were raised immersed in music. From an early age they learnt to play instruments, playing in different bands in churches of local boroughs. 'Our main thing is percussion—drums, congas. We also play keyboards, bass, stuff like that.' Their father was a veteran of the disco era, of New York clubs like the Paradise Garage and The Loft, and growing up, the kids and their father would listen to Timmy Regisford's radio shows on Kiss FM. And what found its way to the stereo usually found its way into the boys' own diverse musical language.
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